People and Culture/Human Capital

Goal 16. The district will recruit, develop and retain a high-quality, diverse staff that is representative of the student body.

Indicator Progress Milestones
A. Administration manages personnel resources, both professional and support staff, to address each student’s learning needs. Staffing will be calculated using a pre-determined class size for student/teacher ratio using the staffing allocation tool. Human Resources, Business Services and building principals have met to determine staffing needs for the 2023-24 school year.
B. The school system maintains a system of recruitment and support to ensure a high-quality, student-centered staff. With staffing allocations being completed by December 30 and 90% of hiring needs met by April 1st. Staffing allocations have been completed but we do not have 90% of our staffing needs met as of April 1 and strongly believe that we will not have 90% of staffing needs filled by the beginning of the 23-24 school year.
Not Met
C. The school system provides an effective induction and mentoring process for all instructional staff and administrators. All instructional staff and administration receive onboarding and mentoring prior to the first day of school. For 23-24, we will also provide an orientation and mentoring program for guest teachers.