Academics K-6

Goal 3. All FFSD schools will provide a comprehensive multi-tiered system of support that addresses the academic, emotional, behavioral, social, and physical needs of each student.

Indicator Progress Milestones
A. The Ferguson Florissant School District establishes learning and behavioral supports that are identified, coordinated, and implemented with fidelity at the classroom, building, and system level. District and school MTSS Guides are currently being written for publication on 12/1/2022. These guides will identify all learning and behavioral supports.
B. The Ferguson Florissant School District monitors the implementation of these supports through observation, program evaluation, and data analysis. FFSD is using Branching Minds to collect all data and analyze student plans.
In Progress
C. The Ferguson Florissant School District implements a written process for the early identification of students’ needs and implements differentiated learning and behavioral supports for each student. Utilization of the Branching Minds platform will allow us to identify early students’ needs for differentiated learning and behavioral supports.
In Progress
D. The Ferguson Florissant School District uses targeted student assessment and data collection to monitor, evaluate, and inform decision-making to identify and implement successful learning and behavioral supports. MTSS Team has administered the DESSA-Mini Screener and SECA survey district wide. TFI walkthrough screeners have been conducted and data collected.
In Progress